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Alexis Petru

Freelance writer specializing in sustainability and environmental issues



Meet the Zero Waste Family

The average American throws out about 1,000 pounds of garbage every year, according to the U.S. The Johnson family in California has created only one handful of trash in six months. This family of four aims to reach zero ... Link to Story

Green Building Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Planning a home improvement project this spring? Whether you’re simply painting a room or undertaking an entire kitchen remodel, here are 10 questions to ask your contractor to make sure your project is good for the planet, your family’s health and your budget. For more tips on greening your home remodeling projects, visit nonprofit Build It Green’s website.
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A Greener Way to Dry Clean

You’ve seen the signs at the local dry cleaners boasting “earth-friendly” or “organic” dry cleaning. But just like the questionable food labels “all natural” and “fat free” at the grocery store, those signs that make grand, green claims can often be misleading. Link to Story

Must-Ask Eco Questions: Buying an Electric Vehicle

If you’re shopping around for a new car, you may be considering one of the many electric vehicles (EVs) currently on the market. But will an EV really cut your fuel costs? And which type of EV works best with your driving habits: an all-electric car like the Nissan LEAF or a plug-in model like the Chevy Volt ? Link to Story

Edible Garden Tips For The Beginning Gardener

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as stepping into your garden to snip a few fresh herbs or harvest homegrown vegetables to add to that evening’s dinner. That connection to your food – and commitment to sustainability – is a feeling Patricia Larenas enjoys as she tends to her own edible garden at her suburban home in the heart of Silicon Valley, Calif. The former techie is now an aspiring edible landscaping consultant and sustainable gardening writer/blogger with Urban Artichoke and Eat Drink Better.
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Is a Green MBA Right for You?

Three years ago, Kate Drane was living in Chicago, working at a law firm as a recruiter and environmental initiatives coordinator. “I was passionate [about sustainability], but I wasn’t educated enough about it,” Drane says. While attending a graduate school fair, she happened to stop at the booth for San Francisco’s Presidio Graduate School and learned about their MBA in Sustainable Management, a business degree integrated with environmental principles. Link to Story

Google-Powered Map Shows Deforestation in Near Real Time

The Earth loses 50 soccer fields’ worth of forest land every minute of every day, according to data from the University of Maryland and Google. But a joint effort from the World Resources Institute (WRI), Google and a group of 40 other businesses, governments and nonprofits aims to reduce that staggering statistic.
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A Day in the Life of a Recycling Driver

On a chilly November morning in San Francisco, two garbage collectors in bright yellow reflective jackets trudge up and down the city’s famous Filbert Street Steps, a stairway with 400-odd steps on one of the city’s steepest streets. Many apartments on Filbert Street are only accessible by the stairs, so this is where residents set out their garbage and recycling carts. Working in the early morning twilight, the men locate each cart and then empty the recyclables into a bin they’re carrying and the trash into a burlap sack. Link to Story

Calif. Slaps Fee on Carpet to Increase Recycling

Starting July 1, Californians will be charged an extra nickel for every square yard of carpet they buy, as part of a new state law that aims to keep carpet out of the landfill. Passed last September, California Assembly Bill 2398 is the first product stewardship law in the nation to specially address carpet. The concept of product stewardship is defined by a manufacturer assuming responsibility for its product’s end-of-life disposal and recycling. Link to Story

Guide to Eco-Friendly Wines

Whether you’re a self-professed oenophile or just enjoy an occasional glass of red table wine with dinner, navigating the labels of wines that purport to be eco-friendly can be confusing: “100-percent organic,” “made with organic ingredients,” “natural” or “vegan-friendly.”. But before you give up on finding a greener glass of wine, check out Earth911’s guide to wines that aim to please your palate and seek to reduce their impact on the planet.
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The Buzz About Beekeeping

“Honeybees are a lot gentler than people give them credit for,” Rick Baxter said. “Most people get stung by wasps, but they blame it on bees.” He should know: Baxter is a full-time beekeeper – or apiarist, if you want to get fancy – as well as the president of the Beekeepers Guild of San Mateo County, a club for local hobbyist beekeepers to share tips and resources and educate newbies. Link to Story

New Company Refills, Reuses Wine Bottles

The U.S. wine industry estimates that Americans purchase more than 300 million cases of wine annually, but what happens to all those empty wine bottles? Link to Story


Alexis Petru

I've always had two passions - writing and sustainability.

Prior to working as a freelance writer, I was a staff reporter for the environmental website Earth911 and wrote a regular column on local environmental issues for 11 news websites in the San Francisco Peninsula area. My work has also appeared at Huffington Post, TriplePundit and Offbeat Families.

Before I was an environmental reporter, I coordinated environmental programs and conducted outreach campaigns for various Bay Area cities and counties for seven years. I have a degree in cultural anthropology from UC Berkeley.

While sustainability is my area of expertise, I am equally comfortable writing about other topics: Throughout my career, I have learned to explain complicated environmental problems in simple, easy-to-digest language – a skill that I harness when approaching non-environmental issues.



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